General industries

Lubricating oil, hydraulic oil and all kinds of oil are used in ordinary industries, such as chemical, steeling, manufacturing industries, etc. Considering the manufacturing technique, security and maintenance of the equipment’s, all these kind of oil must be kept in a good operation condition during the manufacturing process. Our oil purification systems and unique technology enables ABN to provide real-time oil purification services along the manufacturing process, so that the oil will be kept clean during the whole procedure.

In case of oil contamination, our system will purify the oil on-time and in-time, in order to make the oil quality meeting the operation standard, including the PH statistic, water content, particles and transparency requirement.

In the oil system of newly constructed larger scale corporation, there are big amount of electroslag welding, welding agent and water. Thus, before manufacturing, the oil system has to be cleaned by oil. During cleaning or after cleaning, the cleaning oil contains large amount of contaminant and water, and the PH statistic of the oil should rise and appear acidity.

In order to improve the quality and efficiency of cleaning, it is necessary to purify the cleaning oil and decrease its PH along the procedure. After cleaning, the cleaning oil should be purified in a more in-depth way, with the objective of extending its lifetime and meet the operation standards.


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