ABN is an international company that manufactures oil purification systems, with international head & sales office located in Denmark, and domestic head office & production facilities in China.

In the first few years, ABN focused its target market in power industry, especially in the field of oil filtration system for power plants with the objective of replacing existing equipment with high-tech and advanced system. More than 20 years on-site working experience of the team and all-round escalated products enable ABN accumulated a lot of performance and remarkable achievements in many important power projects, for instance, all kinds of oil filtration systems in megawatt unit of thermal power plant, applicants in nuclear power plants, as well as auto oil filtration systems in 1000kv ultrahigh pressure transmission and 800 kv HVDC.

During the problem solving process, oil filtration technology in ABN has become more and more mature. Apart from partners in power industry, ABN has also built close relationship with key partners in other industries, including but not limit to shipping, petro-chemical, marine and hydraulic oil in heavy manufacturing industry etc. with the concept of recycling precious resources, cost saving for users and re-using of waste oil.

Moreover, ABN has obtained numerous utility patents and other patents with our own outstanding achievements and hardworking spirit.


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