Due to billions of users of electricity, the demand of innovative technology for power generation and transmission around the world is increasing rapidly. ABN focuses on innovative development of their products for the power industry due to the high demand.

ABN has provided oil filtration service to the first ultra-supercritical megawatt unit in China and it is also a significant showcase of ABN. At present, ABN has become the oil purification system supplier of numerous big power plants and projects, including megawatt units in thermal power/hydro power projects. Meanwhile, we also provide oil filtration systems and service to various ultra-supercritical 660 MW units.

ABN has provided oil filtration systems and services to the ultra high-pressure pilot demonstration project, which is the first 1000 KV power transmission line project. The treated oil successfully met the standard and requirement of Chinese 1000 KV power transmission.

Since the technology and innovation competences of ABN are developing gradually, we have designed and manufactured fully automatic oil purification systems to a ±800KV project to State of Grid. This is the first auto system in such field and ABN was awarded by the Chinese Technological Innovation Project. With 20 years experience and mature technology, ABN has received numerous achievements in 1000 KV ultra high pressure, ±800KV ultra high pressure and 500kv high-pressure projects.


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